Time Domain Electromagnetics (TDEM)

About TDEM Technology

Unveiling the Subsurface with Precision and Depth

RPM is a trusted provider of advanced Time-domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) survey services. By utilizing the latest in TDEM technology, we offer our clients detailed insights into the subsurface, providing essential information for mineral exploration, groundwater assessment, environmental studies, and more.

The Power of TDEM Technology

Time-domain Electromagnetic (TDEM) surveys use transient electromagnetic fields to probe the Earth’s subsurface. By measuring the Earth’s response to these fields, TDEM surveys can detect variations in conductivity that indicate different types of materials, such as water, minerals, and various geological structures. This non-invasive method allows for deep penetration into the ground, offering clear images of what lies beneath without the need for direct access.


Applications of TDEM Surveys

Mineral Exploration

Locate and characterize potential mineral deposits, including those not easily detectable with other geophysical methods

Groundwater Exploration

 Identify and map aquifers, providing crucial data for sustainable water resource management

Environmental and Geotechnical Investigations

Detect and delineate contaminated sites, assess salinity, and support engineering projects with subsurface imaging.

Archaeological and Historical Research

Explore and map archaeological sites, uncovering hidden structures without disturbing the soil.

Why Choose RPM Aerial for TDEM Surveys

Cutting-edge Technology

Our TDEM equipment represents the forefront of geophysical survey technology, capable of delivering detailed subsurface images.

Expert Team

Our geophysicists and analysts bring deep expertise in TDEM data interpretation, ensuring you receive accurate, actionable insights.

Versatile Applications

From mining companies to environmental agencies, we customize our TDEM surveys to meet the diverse needs of our clients.

Efficient & Comprehensive

Our aerial survey approach allows for rapid data collection over large areas, ensuring comprehensive coverage without the high costs and time requirements of traditional methods.

Commitment to Excellence

At RPM we are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, from preliminary planning to final data delivery and analysis

Discover the Hidden Layers of the Earth

TDEM surveys open a new window into the Earth’s subsurface, offering unparalleled detail and depth. Whether you’re investigating potential mineral resources, managing water supplies, or conducting environmental assessments, our TDEM technology and expertise can provide the clarity and precision your project requires.

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